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Louise Wigg

Louise  was born in Suffolk and went on to spend 5 years in Spain working in her family run restaurant. She has continued to live most of her life in Norfolk spending many years working as an interior designer and going on to organise open-air markets, before becoming involved in the world of retail.


Louise has always felt that there was more to life than meets the eye. After suffering from panic attacks for many years she decided it was time to look deeper into ways she could support herself, and set her feet onto a path of self-healing.


Over the years Louise has sought the support of friends, family and Esoteric Healing practitioners and found this to be a fundamental part of her journey. Learning to listen to her body and honour her feelings has helped her to deepen the relationship she has with herself, which has brought a calmness and steadiness into her life. With this in mind, Louise’s warmth and genuine care for people means that the service she provides is exceptional and comes from a place of genuine care for her customers.


Her deep love of people has always been apparent in the way she cares for all who pass through the door, she loves what she does and there are no plans for retirement quite yet!


The ongoing development of Angels Crystals has given Louise a deep sense of purpose, and this sense of purpose shines through when supporting customers. Louise is passionate about introducing wellbeing workshops and treatments to bring a new dimension to the already flourishing business.

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