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Angels Crystals

Angels Crystals is fast emerging as a central hub for customers to come and shop, chat and feel the tranquillity of the shop as they browse the many varied products that are on offer.


The shop is nestled inside the historic Guildhall and always offers a warm welcome with an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

At Angels Crystals we care about people, and are passionate about providing a personal service that is based on deepening relationships and trust. Many customers have become good friends and appreciate the beautiful space we have created. Angels Crystals is becoming quite a community focused hub and an oasis of calm in the heart of this busy city center.

Angels Crystals has forged strong customer relations since Louise Wigg took joint ownership in 2002 and in 2017 the shop underwent a significant transformation as Sandra Henden joined the business. Louise and Sandra continue to expand the business, while encompassing the already successful retail side and further establishing wellbeing services and workshops with guest speakers for local community.


We invite you to call in; take a moment to browse, shop, rest,

re-connect and rejuvenate before venturing forth into your day.

Meet Louise & Sandra



Louise  was born in Suffolk and went on to spend five years in Spain working in her family run restaurant. She has continued to live most of her life in Norfolk spending many years working as an interior designer and going on to organise open-air markets, before becoming involved in the world of retail.



Sandra  has always had an interest in self-development and spent years pondering on what life was all about. In 1993 Sandra began her own healing journey - she began to realise that to make any significant changes in her life she had to begin to deepen her level of self-care.

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