Here at Angels Crystals we sell silver and gemstone jewellery, tumbled stones, points and sparkly clusters of all sizes – a range of fossils, shells and iridescent ammonites, we even have sharks teeth and dinosaur poo…yes really! 


We have some unusual specimen pieces, geodes, crystal tee-light holders, natural handmade soap and Himalayan salt lamps of different shapes and sizes.


Some of our most popular items include crystal hearts & angels and also amber anklets, which some mothers have reported as appearing to work wonders for teething babies! We have just introduced magnetic copper bangles and bracelets and arriving soon, we shall have unique silver and gemstone jewellery all hand-made in North Norfolk.  


Within our stock we provide a range of informative crystal books and greetings cards as well as a children’s section where we offer pocket money stones and points and clusters. We also offer little bottles of real gold, pretty animal carvings and magnetic hematite, which has kept many children amused whilst their parents browse for a while.


We also stock a variety of books, healing eye pillows, high quality incense and incense holders from Japan, organic essential oils and speciality herbal teas and spices. Our products are handpicked by ourselves, we care about the quality of our products and where they come from. We love what we sell and are always looking for new products to nurture and inspire.

Over the years a level of trust has been built up with our suppliers that forms the bedrock of Angels Crystals. Forming and building relationships is important to us, and many of our suppliers have become good friends, allowing for that personal touch whenever we place an order.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and feel that this quality is passed on to the customer when they make a purchase. Every detail is important, from how we relate to people on the telephone, how our products are packed for delivery, to how they are displayed in the shop, and we have found that by paying attention to the detail pays dividends in the level of service we can provide to the customer.

From crystals to essential oils, teas to incense, quality is paramount and we are always looking for ways to improve on a service that is already of the highest integrity.

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