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Sandra Henden

Sandra has always had an interest in self-development and spent years pondering on what life was all about. In 1993 Sandra began her own healing journey – she began to realise that to make any significant changes in her life she had to begin to deepen her level of self-care. She lived most of her early life feeling lonely and depressed which led to constant weight issues, choosing sugar when she was tired or depressed, and alcohol to boost her confidence. With part of this deepening process she started going to bed earlier, rather than overriding her tiredness, making dietary changes to support her body, and seeking support from family and friends whilst looking at her personal patterns of behaviour that were no longer serving.


Sandra feels that choosing to live her life in a more self-loving way has given her a new lease of life. No more weight issues and no more calorie counting or constant yo-yo dieting! Sandra feels that making more responsible lifestyle choices has heralded a new beginning and offered her the opportunity to understand and appreciate herself as a woman and is now beginning to reveal more of her true self – a self that she had kept hidden for many years. Meeting Louise in 2011 heralded a new chapter in her life and as their friendship deepened it gave them the opportunity to reflect how women can work together in business and reflect a solid relationship out to the world based on trust and mutual understanding.


Sandra's commitment to her own personal growth and supporting others is a fundamental part of her work, making her life not only enjoyable, but purposeful too. 

Sandra’s qualities of steadiness and inner strength go a long way to taking the business into the future – taking everything in her stride and enjoys new opportunities whilst feeling she has much to offer. Putting people first and quality customer service is paramount to creating a solid foundation to build upon.

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