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A place to shop, rest & rejuvenate 

Angels Crystals offers a one stop holistic environment and ambience to select quality gemstones, books, organic essential oils and many other products from which to nourish yourself. 

Established in 2002, Angels Crystals has grown and expanded into a haven of wellbeing that now offers mini treatments to support your health and regular community events to inspire.

New Products

“Have you ever stepped into a place and immediately felt the tension in your shoulders drop away and your body begin to melt into a relaxed state? Angels Crystals is unique in that it offers a space to do just that as you browse through their thoughtfully chosen and beautifully set out gifts. An experience I would highly recommend.”



We stock a range of quality products from silver and gemstone jewellery, crystal clusters, palmstones, fossils, books, high quality incense, and organic essential oils.

Wellbeing Treatment


We offer a range of health and well-being treatments within the shop and clinic space, alongside group sessions in Meditation and Sitting Yoga to support your health.

Essential oils and creams


Our events and workshops offer local community presentations and education on many aspects of self-care, health and wellbeing from a range of guest speakers.



Angels Crystals is an established flourishing business situated in the heart of Norwich. The shop is run by Louise Wigg

and Sandra Henden.


It is their love of people, personal service and establishing connections that invites you into their space as if it were your own home. The warmth and stillness of the environment invites you to take a moment, offering a place of respite and rejuvenation.

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