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The Joy & Purpose of Work

We hold a space that is called a ‘shop’, yet it is so much more. The absolute joy we feel for our work offers us a sense of purpose and a feeling of achievement at the end of the day. We love our job, although not really a job, more a way of life, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. No wish for retirement or ‘getting away from it all’ – just a day-to-day purposeful life of bringing all of who we are to people.

The joy spills out into this space and is offered to all who enter. A calm, peaceful environment awaits, it feels so still…. this stillness has the capacity to hold everyone who walks through the door, it is a beholding love that is tangibly felt. Some feel like a veil has been lifted and they don’t want to leave, returning many times during the day, availing themselves of the chair in the corner.

The love and transparency we offer shows that we too can make mistakes and at times feel vulnerable and insecure. The joy of being in this space means that we can just be ourselves, and that there is no need for perfection. The power of love we feel in our little space is beyond these realms and the support we offer through just being ourselves is humbling, and watching people light up, open up and begin to feel the space is an honour to behold.

There is nowhere else we want to be, or nothing else we want to do, but to simply hold this space.

This little space hub is busy with young people, families on holiday, school children, teenagers, mums, grandparents, fathers, people from all walks of life. We bear witness to the the shy, the friendly, the anxious and fearful, but we see everyone as the same, we are all equal in the essence of who we truly are. We just present who we are and allow the love to come through and do its work in whatever way, shape or form that it may take. Sometimes just by lending a listening ear, offering a sincere smile or making eye-contact is enough.

That flicker of light presents itself to anyone who walks through the door, equally so. It offers joy and healing. There is no it holding it back. Like a mother holding a newborn baby, or welcoming a long lost loved one home, this is how it feels welcoming someone into our little space. Love is there, all around us, freely available to everyone.

We love our space, our little hub, the stillness, the calm, the flow and the offering of beholding love. We love the vibration that we offer in a non-imposing, gentle way. The crystals and stones carry that vibration too, they are little bundles or packages of love, and when our customers take them home, they take home a little bit of that love that feels like heaven, and lasts forever.

This is our purpose – to live life to the full in service to people. Life is forever expanding and we are riding the wave and enjoying every moment.

Louise & Sandra


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